We’re dedicated to the craft of sour-mashing your favorite beer styles. Not because nobody else has done it, but because we think you’ll like it.

Don’t be scared. They’re simply tart versions of beer styles you know & love.

We recommend starting out with our Little Boss; a tart wheat beer!

Little Boss - Blue Owl Brewing's Sour Session Wheat in a Can

Barrel aged sours tend to have  a more complicated flavor profile and take months to years to mature. The sour-mashing process is much quicker and produces beers that are closer to their native styles (as in, a sour-mashed American pale ale still tastes like an American pale ale).

We recommend Spirit Animal – Sour Pale Ale

Spirit Animal - Sour Pale Ale by Blue Owl Brewing in a Can

We can’t wait for you to try these! Many of our beers are a bit more sessionable than many specialty sours and are meant to be enjoyed fresh. If you are into funky sours, keep a lookout for our Tiny Barrel Series and Wild Series in our tasting room.