Dapper Devil in Bottles!

When we started Blue Owl, we decided to package our core beers in cans for a few reasons, including affordability, recyclability, and convenience. Our seasonals would be available on tap at the brewery and at bars and restaurants around town.

But a few of our seasonals really struck a chord with our customers and seemed to be a good fit for a limited run of large format bottles. Dapper Devil, our sour raspberry Belgian-style strong ale, was the first to come to mind. Its higher ABV makes it ideal for a 660mL bottle that you can share with friends, or even collect if that’s your thing.

Our first bottle release will happen here at the brewery, out on the patio at noon on April 28th. We’ll have extra staff to handle sales separately from taproom visitors, so we’re hoping it’ll be an easy process to drop by and pick up a bottle or two. Or better yet, grab a bottle and then hang out in the tasting room and try Saison Puede, our newest seasonal (which could very well end up in a bottle pretty soon, too).

Dapper Devil 660mL bottles will be $12, with a limit of four per customer. It’s 8.9% ABV, 26 IBUs, and 62 sourness units.