A ¡Limetastico! New Seasonal

Blue Owl Brewing is excited to announce its new seasonal, ¡Limetastico!, sour Mexican lager with lime and salt. As those warmer Austin days approach, the annual search for the perfect patio beer begins and with it our inspiration to brew just that. We set out to brew a refreshingly easy-drinking sour lager named ¡Limetastico!

¡Limetastico! design collaboration.

When it came time to think about a can design, Blue Owl reached out to the creative group (and our long-time friends) that jokingly call themselves the 75% Nap Society. While Caro Cantu, Rocio Serna, Chente Tapia, and Emiliano Villarreal each design professionally, this was their first time collaborating together as a group with their individual creative skills. All four have traveled and lived together so designing together came naturally. Meeting in Monterrey during the holidays, each brought their own unique eye to the table and they came up with a few different themes.

Closeup of ¡Limetastico! mosaic pattern

Of the themes presented, a mosaic pattern stood out to both the design group and the Blue Owl team. “Walk in any town in Mexico and you will see beautiful mosaics on the walls of homes, floors of churches, and in stands in the markets. It’s everywhere and emblematic of Mexico. That was a concept that came naturally,” remarks Emiliano Villarreal when discussing the bottom portion of the ¡Limetastico! can design. Emiliano Villarreal further points out that, “The tile pattern let us weave together all the elements we wanted to represent – the lime flavor, the iconic colors of Mexico and playful pattern.” For Blue Owl, repetitive patterns with a unique twist have long been incorporated into their can designs. After careful consideration, the mosaic tile art seemed best in representing ¡Limetastico! The 75% Nap Society loves wordplay and came up with the name ¡Limetastico! (a fun combination of Fantástico and Lime).  On the can, the accent over the “á” became a unique splash symbol that’s repeated in the tile pattern below.

We can’t wait to share this new sour seasonal with you! Grab a ¡Limetastico! for a sip in the shade of a relaxing patio. Be on the lookout for its release on February 12th in Austin and greater Texas.

About the artists:
  • Rocio Serna – a graphic designer from Monterrey, Mexico, firmly believes that teamwork and collaboration are key to develop design solutions to their full potential. Passionate about challenges, always approaching processes from different perspectives to achieve continuous learning.
  • Chente Tapia – Founder and creative director of W.E.Y.E.S, design studio since 2013, Founder of Pliegos W (2014) uncensored free publication with city reflections, and partner/founder of Circulo Rojo  Projects of Collective Growth (2018). Architectural design professor of  Tec de Monterrey for over 8 years. National and international design award recognitions.
  • Caro Cantu – Carolina is a recovering architect turned “I do what I want-er” who hails from Monterrey, Mexico. She’s now part of JUST, a non-profit, that provides community and capital to help female entrepreneurs succeed. She’s an avid trampoline bouncer that loves bubble tea, onigiris, and tiny things.
  • Emiliano Villarreal – A creative creature and startup nerd who spent his childhood summers running around the cobblestone streets of San Miguel de Allende, México. He loves board games, is always down for tacos al pastor, and dreams of ninjas.
¡Limetastico! design team a.k.a. The 75% Nap Society