Seasonal Release: Plum de Plume

Seasonal Release: Plum de Plume

Plum de Plume – Plum Jam & Orange Marmalade Sour
Availability: Fall/Winter

IBU: 18
ABV: 5.6%
SU: 68

FLAVOR PROFILE: Refreshing and rich with jammy flavors. Plum de Plume combines sweet plums and tart citrus while hops and sage bring a balanced earthiness. All these wonderful elements are tied together with a touch of vanilla.

Intended uses: Picnics & lazy late summer days lounging outside.

Some words from our head brewer Meike:

Sometimes when we’re developing a beer, we start our brewing and research with one idea, but the beer itself can grow a personality of its own and lead you to create a beer that you didn’t know you wanted and honestly, in the case of Plum de Plume, didn’t know was possible!

At our core, we want to brew excellent, clean beers that surprise and delight our customers with their unique flavor combinations. Plum de Plume started last year as a foray into exploring rich Belgian malty beers, something we didn’t have in our portfolio. We explored the different malt options and noticed lots of repeating flavors: caramel, toast, malt, dried fruit, plums, and raisins. The fruit notes caught our eye instantly, we know that adding fruits to our sour beer lifts the fruit character and makes it taste bright and juicy.

Our beers typically balance a few flavor notes – sweetness from the malt and adjuncts, sourness from our bacteria, and bitterness from the hops. As we tried the plum with the dark fruit of the malts, we realized the sourness and the bitterness needed a little help to balance out the rich sweetness. A quick internet search gave us our answer – plum jam. Jam, while naturally quite sweet, is often lifted with the citric character of lemons and oranges. This flavor combination was exactly what we were looking for, rich sweet malt and plums paired with bright lemon and orange zest…but what was missing?

Plum de Plume Sour Beer Can
Plum de Plume Sour Beer Can

At its heart, this beer is a delicate balancing act between two of the most basic tastes – sour and sweet. Some recipes blend these tastes very well, you may think of sweet and sour sauce or even borscht with sour cream, and we realized we could walk that delicate line with our beer. We suspected an herb would do the trick to bring a deep, earthy balance to this beer and after many trials, we realized sage was the missing piece of the puzzle!

This beer is tailor-made to bring your picnics to the next level. It’ll pair with wonderful light breakfasts, hearty lunches, and shady dinners. We’ve done the hard work to find the perfect balance of sweet, sour, fruit, and herb to give you a really fun and playful beverage to cool off even the hottest summer days. Snag a six-pack on our online shop for your next picnic adventure!

Cheers! – Meike Rossman