SMash SMaSH Sour Tex-Aus IPA

SMash SMaSH – Sour Tex-Aus IPA.

A two-part seasonal, SMash SMaSH uses one type of Australian hop and one type of Texas-grown Malt for each batch.

IBU: 34
ABV: 6.7%
SU: 70

Availability: Spring/Summer

About The Beer and Brewing Process:

SMash SMaSH returns for its third brew season and this year’s two-part batch is just as unique as ever!

SMash SMaSH stands for Sour Mash, Single Malt, anSingle Hop, meaning we use one malt and one hop to showcase the flavor profiles from each, together! This year’s two batches will be brewed using TexMalt grain and Australian hops, making it our Sour Tex-Aus IPA.
MIU souring
MIU Souring Wort For SMash SMaSH

TexMalt is a craft malt house located in Forth Worth, TX producing high-quality grains from local Texas farms. We use our housemade M.I.U. (pronounced “mew” and stands for Modular Inoculation Unit) for a unique souring process that’s applied to Blue Owl’s beers, where the sweet wort from TexMalt grain sits with a fresh batch of that same grain so that the natural microbes can be found. This means all the bacteria and wild yeast found in Texas farms are being harvested to create a unique sour profile found nowhere else. Then, we use only one type of hop, highlighting its unique characteristics and flavor. And, because we’re showcasing the single hop on its own, we picked out two specialty Australian hops that are often hard to come by in your average IPA, so you can experience its characteristics without any other additional flavors.

First Edition:

Our first edition of SMash SMaSH is brewed using TexMalt Llano Pilsner MaltAustralian Vic Secret Hops.

SMash SMaSH Beer
SMash SMaSH Sour Tex-Aus IPA: First Edition
The Llano Pilsner Malt is a low kilned malt that maintains its characteristic from its origin, The Llano Estacado. It’s known for being slightly sweet with hints of honeysuckle and earthiness.
Using the Australian Vic Secret hops, this beer gives off bold flavors of pineapple and passionfruit. Perfect for any hop-head, these hops make this sour mash IPA resinous and bright.
Second Edition:
For our second edition of Smash SMaSH, we used San Jacinto Heritage Malt &  Australian Galaxy Hops.
Not having brewed this batch yet, we hope to expect a more robust flavor from the malt with hints of bread and honey, paired alongside fruity hop characteristics such as bright citrus and peach.
If you haven’t caught on yet, these brews are special! Using high-quality ingredients, they have a lot of flavors to offer and provide a fun beer for any craft beer enthusiast, sour lover, or IPA fan. It’s a beer you can truly enjoy and nerd out over. We hope you enjoy each of these limited edition sour mashed IPA’s and get the chance to try them side by side. 
SMash SMaSH will be available on-site at our tasting room and will be distributed around Texas. It will also be available for shipping via bevv to select states.