Seltzers For Shelters

Seltzers For Shelters

Help For Those Experiencing Homelessness

seltzers for shelters logoWe’re excited to announce a new program called “Seltzers For Shelters,” created to raise awareness and give aid to those experiencing homelessness in Austin, TX.

Launched this June with the release of our first hard seltzer, the “Seltzers For Shelters” program is designed to support the organizations that provide aid and safe spaces to those experiencing homelessness. As seltzers grow in popularity locally, we thought they’d be a perfect way to raise a significant amount of money to address a serious issue facing Austin. We will be donating ten percent of sales from our first two batches, Mojito and Mango & Peach Daiquiri hard seltzers, to the Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF), a social outreach ministry that has been serving Austin’s homeless neighbors for more than two decades. In addition to its food truck ministry, MLF is recognized largely for its innovative Community First! Village, a master-planned development in northeast Austin designed specifically for men and women who are coming out of chronic homelessness.

After experiencing how the brewing community came together to support social justice with the ‘Black is Beautiful‘ series of beers, we wanted to build on that spirit with a program that other breweries could join. We hope that Austin’s brewing community will come together and raise awareness within the Seltzers For Shelters program, supporting organizations that aid Austin’s community struggling with homelessness, and that these breweries will do the long-term work of continuing to acknowledge and educate themselves about the need for safe spaces. 

Beginning June 16th, six packs of Mojito Austin Hard Seltzer will be available for purchase at our tasting room. With the release of our Mango & Peach Daiquiri Austin Hard Seltzer on June 25th, both hard seltzers will be available in stores around Austin, Texas.