Stellar Haze

STELLAR HAZE – Sour Double Hazy IPA

We’re back with one of our favorite combos — Hops and Sour!  You might remember our early collaboration with my previous brewhouse home Black Star Co-op called Can’t Quit You.  Aptly named that because it was our first collab as Blue Owl since leaving Black Star and many know one of my best friends mans the helm there (Andy Martinez).

We’ve reworked the recipe from CQY and refocused the hop profile to create something unique and new!  Stellar Haze is a double sour hazy IPA with Galaxy, Centennial, Citra, El Dorado, and Azacca hops.  That’s a stellar mix of hops that achieves both tropical fruity flavors that we all crave with some piney, dank base notes that remind you you’re still drinking a beer… an 8.1% ABV beer, at that!
Also, welcome back to the Peculiar Triangle™.  That’s the mysterious combination and balance of three massive tastes in a sour beer like this — Bitterness, Sourness, and Sweetness.  To make a sour and hoppy beer, you have to make them play nice by bringing in some level of sweetness and/or body.  Stellar Haze has relatively low IBU (bitterness, all resulting from whirlpool and dry hop additions), med-high sourness (75 SUs), and medium finishing gravity (~4.5P coming from higher protein adjuncts like flaked wheat and oats).  When you put all that together, you get something that’s not overly sweet but packs a unique punch almost like a smooth grapefruit but with big mango/passionfruit/pine flavor!
Join us in welcoming our newest hoppy sour — Stellar Haze!

ABV: 8.1%
SU: 75

Flavor Profile: Bright and hoppy with tropical citrus notes from Centennial, Azacca, Citra, El Dorado, and Galaxy hops.

Intended uses: Stargazing & galaxy hopping

Availability: Spring