Join The Local Love Club!

Are you a Blue Owl regular?

Check out the Local Love Club and enjoy multiple tastings at a discounted rate!

The Local Love Club was made with you in mind, it’s like our regular tasting but with more pours and only one, super special glass, so that you can pop in anytime and enjoy multiple tastings at a discounted rate!
local love club set
These special release Local Love glasses come in three different colors: blue, yellow, and purple, and have our Blue Owl Brewing logo etched on the bottom. Each glass comes with a 6-month membership punch card containing 30 complimentary beers and fun, extra discounts!
Local Love Club glass

The Perks:

– Special Blue Owl glassware
– 30 Complimentary 12oz pours of your choice of beer. (When you break it down, that’s $3.50 a beer!)
– Fun Discounts that total $20, not including your 25% off beer to-go!
– Swing by whenever you like within a 6-month period to redeem!
– High fives & love from the gang at Blue Owl Brewing!
Familiar with how it works at our tasting room and often visit? Then this is the deal for you!

Pre-Order your glass for your next visit or purchase it on-site that day!

If you’re new in town or haven’t been to Blue Owl, get the inside scoop on what to expect when you visit us here!
Glassware is only a part of the Local Love Club membership and is not available for sale otherwise.
Cards are available for pre-purchase online or on-site, for pick-up or shipping.