Celebrate With Sours – Holiday Beers

‘Tis The Season To Celebrate With Sours!

And we have quite the nice list for you! Check out our top four Holiday Beers:

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1. Jubilberry – Sour Cranberry Ale with Ginger & Oats

Pairs great with your holiday sweater!

Jubilberry – Sour Cranberry Ale with Ginger & Oats

Festive cranberries & soft flaked oats give way to a cozy spice bouquet for this jubilant winter ale. The perfect Texas winter companion, Jubilberry should always be around for your holiday shenanigans!

IBU: 20 | ABV: 7.1% | SU: 70

Available Oct – Jan

Executive Brewer Notes: Jubilberry is one of my favorite recipes because of its depth of flavors from multiple ingredients all coming together to say H-O-L-I-D-A-Y.  Bright, tart cranberries layered with lots of ginger and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg are all put on top of a rounded, warming 7% oatmeal pale ale base.  Also, it’s a beautiful color!

2. Fruited Little Boss – Sour Pomegranate Beer

Crack open some good luck on the New Year, it’s tradition!

Fruited Little Boss – Sour Pomegranate Beer

This special sour is fairly tart with just a touch of sweetness. A vision to behold and sustenance to sip your way through, Fruited Little Boss makes any situation worth fancifyin’. Pomegranates have a long history of bringing good luck in the new year, making this special sour #2 on our list.

ABV: 4.8% | SU: 50

Available Nov – Feb

Executive Brewer Notes: Our most recent fruited version of our classic Little Boss is a nice, more straightforward, sessionable sour beer.  Alcohol is kept lower for drinkability, but the pomegranate pop keeps it fancy and festive.  Little secret — there might be a touch of cardamom and allspice in there…

3. Professor Black – Sour Cherry Stout

There to help you through finals so you can start celebrating. That’s one smart beer!

Professor Black – Sour Cherry Stout

Professor Black is our sour cherry stout brewed with Montmorency cherries. A sumptuous cherry stout with a swanky finish. Roasted malt with complex dark fruit and tart cherry flavor. Extremely drinkable, this stout gets an A+ for its balanced sourness.

IBU: 40 | ABV: 6.1% | SU: 75 | Contains milk sugar.

Available Nov – Feb

Executive Brewer Notes: Ah the classic Professor returns!  This recipe was one of the first 4 created for Blue Owl Brewing.  It literally startled us the first time we tried the test batch because of how unique it was.  And guess what, we’ve barely touched the recipe in the last 7 years.  How does a stout retain all the good, roasty, full-bodied character and still surprise you with a bright, refreshing tart cherry finish?  Well, it just does!

4. Adjunct Professor Black – Sour Imperial Stout with Chocolate & Orange

There to keep you warm all winter long.

Adjunct Professor Black – Sour Imperial Oatmeal Stout with Chocolate & Orange

Big, bold, yet smooth. Rich chocolate and roasted malts rounded out by a hearty oat addition support a bright, tart citrus flavor and aroma. Adjunct Professor Black has all the chocolate-orange flavor you love without having to smash it open!

ABV: 9.1% | SU: 68

Available Dec – Feb

Executive Brewer Notes: The newest recipe (kinda) to our Winter / Holiday Season repertoire.  I say “kinda” because its recipe was pulled together from our Admiral Gravitas (Imperial Sour Oatmeal Stout), our Professor Black (Sour Cherry Stout), and the Black Is Beautiful release we did a couple of years ago.  The big full-bodied oatmeal Imperial stout base is the stage for citrus and a chocolate component that goes together so well.  With cacao nibs, vanilla, orange peel, and orange oil, the Adjunct Professor Black shines in complexity, depth, warmth, brightness, and richness, and weirdly enough, it’s pretty drinkable!


Celebrate With These Seasonal Sours!

Be sure to stock up on your favorite sour before the Holidays fly by! Check out where they’re available in Texas or swing by Blue Owl’s tasting room for some beer-to-go.

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Enjoy a merry holiday and a happy New Year. We’ll See You Soon, Friend!

xoxoxo – B.O.B.