What You’re Drinking

Here’s your cheat sheet for all your Pallet Flight needs! Let us know if you have any questions. Cheers!

(SA) Spirit Animal – Sour Pale Ale

5.1% ABV | 67 SU | Flavor Profile: American pale ale, hoppy citrus balanced with a sturdy malt backbone and tart crispness.

(CG) Cool & The Gang – Sour Session Beer with Earl Grey Tea

3.2% ABV | 55 SU | Flavor Profile: An easy-going marriage of citrus & tea.

(LT) ¡Limetastico! – Sour Mexican Lager with Lime & Salt

4.6% ABV | 55 SU | Flavor Profile: Light, refreshing, and easy-drinking.

(FLB) Fruited Little Boss – Changes Seasonally

4.8% ABV | 50 SU

(PLB) Pickled Little Boss – Sour Pickle Beer

4.0% ABV | 70 SU | Flavor Profile: Dill-ectible, Fanciful, Briney

(CQY) Can’t Quit You – Sour Hazy IPA

8% ABV | 78 SU | Flavor Profile: Mango, pineapple, grapefruit, and pine mingle with a soft, rounded body and finish with a slightly puckering bite at the end.

(HF) Hop Frisson – Extra Sour DDH IPA

7.3% ABV | 100 SU | Flavor Profile: Peculiar Triangle™ balance of bitter, sour, & sweet. Bring on the goosebumps!

(LC) Lime In The Coconut – Milkshake Sour Double IPA w. Sweet Lime & Coconut

8.3% ABV | 85 SU | Flavor Profile: Bright, Silky, Jammin’ Hoppy Delight.  *contains milk sugar.

(LB) Lunch Box– PB&J Smoothie Sour Ale

5.7% ABV | 75 SU | Flavor Profile: Strong grape and huckleberry sweetness blended into creamy peanut butter and oat finish. Just like a PB&J!

*contains milk sugar & peanuts.

(TLP) Tahitian Lime Pie – Milkshake Sour IPA with Tahitian Lime & Motueka Hops

6.2% ABV | 72 SU | Flavor Profile: Chantilly, Pie-tastic, Dreamy

(SS) SMash SMaSH – Sour Mash IPA – Pink Boots Collab Brew Day Beer

6.7% ABV | 70 SU | Flavor Profile: Floral, citrus, tropical and stone fruit aromas.

(PG) Pastry Gose – Changes Seasonally

5% ABV | 50 SU | Flavor Profile: Sugar, Spice, & Everything Nice. *contains milk sugar.

(JB) Jubilberry – Sour Cranberry Ale with Ginger & Oats

7.1% ABV | 70 SU | Flavor Profile: Festive cranberries & soft-flaked oats give way to a cozy spice bouquet for this jubilant winter ale.

(DD) Dapper Devil – Sour Raspberry Belgian-Style Ale

8.9% ABV | 62 SU | Flavor Profile: A dry, fruity, and effervescent Belgian-style ale with raspberry sweetness.

(DDD) Double Dapper Devil – Sour Raspberry Belgian Strong Ale

12.2% ABV | 62 SU | Flavor Profile: Boozey and devilishly sweet.

(TB) Tropícal Brut – Mango & Açaí Berry Sour Sparkling Ale

7.0% ABV | 60 SU | 0 IBU | Flavor Profile: High levels of water minerals give this brut a unique mouthfeel and flavor. The addition of mango & açaí berry gives it a fruity, almost mimosa-y taste.

(THT) Tiki Hop Totem – Milkshake Sour IPA w. Pineapple & Coconut

6.2% ABV | 72 SU |  Flavor Profile: Pineapple-y fresh, coconut-y smooth, and sour hoppy delight

(SP) Saison Puede – Tart Saison with Meyer Lemon & Pink Peppercorns

5.8% ABV | 45 SU | Flavor Profile: Rustic, Bright, & Earthy

(PB) Professor Black – Sour Cherry Stout

6.1% ABV | 75 SU | Flavor Profile: A sumptuous cherry stout with a swanky finish. Roasted malt with complex dark fruit and tart cherry flavor.

(APB) Adjunct Professor Black – Sour Imperial Stout with Chocolate & Orange

9.1% ABV | 68 SU | Flavor Profile: Big, bold, yet smooth. Rich chocolate and roasted malts rounded out by a hearty oat addition support a bright, tart citrus flavor and aroma.

(TGB) Tiger’s Blood – Strawberry, Watermelon, & Coconut Sour

5.6% ABV | 62 SU | Flavor Profile:  A sweet treat of juicy summer fruits strawberry, watermelon, a hint of coconut, and Blue Owl’s signature sour taste. Cold, refreshing, and oh-so-fun! *contains milk sugar.

(TA) Yuzu Dreamsicle – Milkshake Sour IPA with Yuzu & Vanilla

6.2% ABV | 72 SU | Flavor Profile: Citrus, Rich, Creamy, Bright Hops. *contains milk sugar.

(SBRB) Strawberry RhuBOB – Strawberry & Rhubarb Sour Milkshake Ale

5.7% ABV | 76 SU | Flavor Profile: Strawberry, rhubarb, and soft vanilla flavors are brewed alongside milk sugar and Blue Owl’s signature tartness. The use of Belma hops gives off characteristics like strawberry, melon, citrus, and pineapple.

(KR) Kokomo Royale – Tropical Fruit Smoothie Ale

8% ABV | 68 SU | Flavor Profile: Bursting with bright tropical fruits alongside rich spices of vanilla & allspice lend to a tropical cocktail flavor. The addition of fruit pectin gives this smoothie beer a thick body and the milk sugar a creamy mouthfeel.


(Pils) Bob’s Fine Pilsner

4.5% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Clean, crispy, easy, and floral.

(East) Bob’s Eastside Juicy IPA

6.1% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Juicy hops. Easy finish. Bright citrus gives way to juicy, tropical fruits like pineapple and mango. Crisp floral and coconut notes finish the flavor and make you ready for another sip…or gulp.

(BF) Bobtoberfest – Classic Märzen

6.1% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Rich amber malt that’s balanced with a clean, inviting finish.

(GP) Bob’s Great Porter

5.5% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: A classic robust porter with a swirling balance of roasted malts on a medium body base.

(YB) Yessiree Bob’s Kölsch

4.7% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Crisp, Floral, Clean, Crushable

(CO) Bob’s Cold One – Light Lager

3.8% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Bright, clean, light, and brisk!

(WABA) What About Bob’s (Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local) Amber – Amber Ale

6.5% ABV | NON-SOUR | Flavor Profile: Bright citrus Cascade hops mingle effortlessly with lightly roasted malts. A clean Lutra Kviek strain allows the slightly sweet caramel malts to shine.

(H) Hopped

5% ABV | Flavor Profile: Bright, refreshing, and oh so hoppy!

(M) Mojito

5% ABV | Flavor Profile: Bright, minty-lime, thirst-quencher!

(Daq) Mango & Peach Daiquiri

5% ABV | Flavor Profile: Rich and vibrant with a fruity sweetness.

(MM) Mexican Martini

5% ABV | Flavor Profile: A margarita and a martini mixed in one – bright, salty, and refreshing lime lead the way to a fantastically rich and delicious olive flavor.

(Fizz) Spiced Apple Fizz

5% ABV | Flavor Profile: Spicetacular!