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Blue Owl Brewing is a sour brewery, located in East Austin, TX.

How it Works:

  1. Pick a glass size to purchase. You will get 4 free pours of any beer in your glass.
  2. The bartender will go through our beers with you. You can have all 4 fills today, take them in cans to-go, or visit at a later date to finish your tasting.
  3. Keep the glass when you’re done – it’s yours!

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Blue Owl Brewing is a sour brewery located in East Austin, TX, owned by Jeff Young (brewing) and Suzy Shaffer (business) and staffed by a small gang dedicated to making and serving their absolute favorite beers.

We started Blue Owl Brewing in 2015 to make sour beers approachable yet still unique. Our souring style accentuates the beer rather than dominating your taste buds. We aim to produce clean, well-balanced sour beers that retain the characteristics of their style.

Approachable to us also means your experience visiting our Sour Sanctuary. We want to make you feel welcome, whether you’re looking to hang out with some friends or nerd out about beer science.  Over the years we’ve expanded our brewing process and now offer a little bit of something for everyone including Smoothie Beers,  Non-Sours, and Seltzers!

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Mash Tun & MIU

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