10 Unique Candy and Beer Pairings

Happy Halloween!

10 Unique Candy and Beer Pairings!

candy and beer pairingIt’s almost Halloween which means those trick-or-treat bowls are about to be full to the brim with Halloween candy for the kiddos. But let’s make sure you pick out the right batch to match what you’ll be drinking that evening while you wait for the doorbell to ring or as you queue up a scary flick.

Check out Blue Owl Brewing’s top ten recommendations for beer and candy combinations this Halloween!

P.S. Swing by our tasting room on Halloween weekend and try these frightfully perfect match-ups with us! We’ll have a special beer + candy flight available for purchase on-site until the candy bowl is empty. Friday 10/27 – Sunday, 10/29.

Bob’s Great Porter + Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Bob’s Great Porter Paired With Reeses Peanut Butter Cups   
  • Every great porter deserves a great chocolate and peanut butter combo. Really you can’t go wrong with any chocolate and porter but this is a match made in heaven. Bob’s Great Porter adds a creamy, roasted coffee quality that goes nicely with Reese’s chocolate peanut butter goodness.

¡Limetastico! + Candy Corn

candy corn
¡Limetastico! Paired With Candy Corn
  • We use corn maize when brewing this Sour Mexican Lager which matches up perfectly with Candy Corn. That Candy Corn chalkiness we all know (and sort of love?) is balanced out with the brightness from ¡Limetastico! This pairing is great when you can’t stop going back to the candy jar for another round because you’re on edge watching whatever scary movie Huluween has to offer.

Hop Frisson + Sour Patch Kids

sour patch kids
Hop Frisson Paired With Sour Patch Kids
  • Let’s be honest, if you’re already going to have a 100+ SU sour beer then you might as well lean in and enjoy it with some Sour Patch Kids! The sour yet sweet candy brings out a nice bright, vegetal flavor from Hop Frisson. This tantalizingly tart match-up is bizarre, and we love it!

Saison Puede + Starburst

Saison Puede Paired With Starburst
  • The lemon and pink peppercorn in this tart saison brightens up even more from Starburst. The only question is, which color are you going to try first?  Sour Lover Pro Tip: Bring it to the next level with Starburst Mini Sours.

Tahitian Lime Pie + Almond Joy

almond joy
Tahitian Lime Pie Paired With Almond Joy
  • What a joy this pairing is! Forget the brisk chill in the Halloween air, this combo is a tropic vacation! The coconut flavor is enhanced while the chocolate goes well with the creamy milk sugar from Tahitian Lime Pie.

Cool & The Gang + Lemonhead

Cool & The Gang Paired With Lemonhead

Bobtoberfest + Kit Kat

kit kat
Bobtoberfest Paired With Kit Kat
  • This combination has a certain magic to it. The Kit Kat accentuates the rich malt tones of Bobtoberfest, compelling us to reach for another. It’s a distinct autumn delight.

Spirit Animal + Skittles

Spirit Animal Paired With Skittles
  • You know how eating a handful of Skittles is just part of the experience for this candy? Well, paired with Spirit Animal not only do the Skittles round out the beer but this Sour Pale Ale helps your tastebuds separate each flavor from that handful of Skittles. You really do taste the rainbow!

Bob’s Cold One + Hot Tamales

hot tamales
Bob’s Cold One Paired With Hot Tamales
  • Hot and Cold. What more can we say?! It’s in the name, they compliment each other and that’s all there is to it. But don’t take our word, try it for yourself!

Sour Pickle Beer + Chamoy Candy

chamoy candy
Sour Pickle Beer Paired With Chamoy Candy
  • The pickle beer seamlessly complements Chamoy candy, creating a flavorful fusion. The pairing introduces a tantalizing blend of spice and saltiness that’s hard to resist.

Enjoy these match-ups and let us know what your favorite is. Have a fun and safe Halloween!