Lunch Box

Lunch Box – PB&J Smoothie Sour Ale

It’s time for lunch!

Yup, another silly smoothie ale!  At least, that’s what was in the back of my mind when we were designing “Lunch Box.”  We’ve made a few eye-rolling beers over the years.  They’re the ones that seem to have a little gimmick to them that may be kind of trendy or just silly.  BUT, invariably these have turned out to be some of my favorite beers we make!  Tiki Hop Totem, the “milkshake Sour IPA” won my heart (after trying multiple other milkshake IPAs that seemed pointless), after drinking my first one straight off the canning line.  Kokomo Royale, the tropical cocktail smoothie, was our attempt to finally make a pink guava beer that tasted like pink guava.  The only way to achieve that, in our opinion, was to add an insane amount of pink guava puree (like, 1/3 of the beer) and ferment it out at a high alcohol level (8%).  The real kicker in that recipe to keep it from just being boozy fruit pulp was to balance it with something weird…allspice.  It worked.  It worked so well we won the gold medal in the 2024 Texas Craft Brewers Cup decadent category.

But enough context.  The next eye-rolling idea is a fruit-forward, thick-berry sour ale with a beautiful roasty, nutty, malty backbone balance.  We use tons of grape puree, and some rich, sweet huckleberry, and add a challenging amount of roasted peanut flour to the fermenter.  The result is nothing less than a throwback to the ultimate sandwich that’s defined our youth and sometimes our average college meal — the PB&J.  The intensity, balance of PB and J, and the elegance of the mouthfeel viscosity vehicle, all come together to give you an eye-roll of delight! – Co-Owner/Executive Brewer: Jeff Young

Our Lead Brewer Danny talks about developing and brewing the final result:

“I have a two-year-old son at home. And because of that, I often find myself reliving my childhood through him. Be it with Saturday morning cartoons, toy monster trucks, or even… a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch!

When we developed this beer, I couldn’t help but feel that my adult life and childhood were intersecting. I researched, played with various ingredients, and used much of my knowledge of brewing that I have developed in my 10 years in the craft. But I also, made myself a PBJ for breakfast every day for my commute to work, much like how I did when I rode the bus to school in my youth.

The amalgamation of grape and berry, along with the toasty, nutty peanut flour, and the breadiness of the malt bill, combine to make for a beer that is sure to take you out of your current headspace and back to the good ol’ days of cartoons, monster trucks, and joyous bliss, if only for a moment.” – Lead Brewer: Daniel Ochoa

Try Lunch Box today! Available at Blue Owl Brewing on draft and in 16oz four-packs to-go, along with select stores in Texas.
Lunch Box
Lunch Box

ABV: 5.7%

SU: 75

IBU: 15

Flavor Profile: Strong grape and huckleberry sweetness blended into a creamy peanut butter and oat finish. Just like a PB&J!

Availability: Summer

***This beer contains peanuts and milk sugar.

Lunch Box – 16oz Glass
Lunch Box – 16oz. Cans