Blue Owl's Brewing System
Blue Owl’s Brewing System

Blue Owl Brewing is a distinctive brewery specializing in sour beer. Located in East Austin, Texas, we provide a unique and down-to-earth experience for everyone who steps in our door. While we consider ourselves sour experts, we do brew a versatile selection of styles, so we’re confident you’ll find a beer that suits your taste!

Tasting Room in East Austin, Texas
Tasting Room in East Austin, Texas

Since 2015, we have been brewing sour beers that are approachable yet unique. We produce clean, well-balanced sours that retain their individual characteristics. Ranging from sessionable and refreshing tartness to more natural-tasting fruit sourness, with a variety of hoppy ales to round out the bunch, it’s safe to say our sours are one of a kind. And not to toot our own horn, but we’ve even won a few awards along the way!

Our non-sour alternatives, Bob’s Fine Beers and Austin Hard Seltzers are crafted with the same dedication to quality and uniqueness to ensure that whatever you’re drinking is something special. From the beer in your glass to the people behind the bar, we work hard to make sure your time in our tasting room is nothing but a good time. So stop by to hang out with some friends or nerd out about beer science, our quirky and casual environment will make you feel welcome.

Little Boss sour session wheat beer can
Little Boss sour session wheat


Co-Owners Suzy Shaffer & Jeff Young


Blue Owl is owned by Jeff Young (brewing) and Suzy Shaffer (business) and is staffed by a small gang dedicated to making and serving their favorite beers.

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