Lime In The Coconut

Milkshake Sour Double IPA w/ Sweet Lime & Coconut

Availability: Summer

IBU: 33
ABV: 8.3%
SU: 85

What is an SU? Our Sour Units© (SUs) are a measure of the level of acidity (and “sourness”) in a beer. Click here to learn more.

We put the lime in the coconut, so you can drink them both up.

This new seasonal combines classic tropical flavors into one delightful melody. Sweet lime and bright acidity blend into the silky coconut and milk sugar. At 8.3% ABV with lime-y Motueka and rich, coconut-y Sabro hops, this Milkshake Sour Double IPA creates a vacation in a can. Take a sip, savor the taste of a laid-back tropic paradise, and call us in the morning.

P.S. This beer contains milk sugar.

Flavor profile: Bright, Silky, Jammin’ Hoppy Delight