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Welcome to Blue Owl Brewing! Blue Owl Brewing is a brewery located in East Austin, TX. How it Works: We sell traditional flights, single pours, and self-guided sensory tours. Enjoy ...
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The Gang’s Favorite Brews Of 2023

The Gang’s Favorite Brews Of 2023 Heading into 2024, it seemed like a good time to reflect and get ready for what’s to come. And, with plenty of beers to ... [Read More]

Are You From Austin?

What about Bob’s Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local Amber Hey Locals, When Are You From Austin? Have you ever struggled to answer when you’re asked where you are “from?” Were ... [Read More]

Celebrate With Sours – Holiday Beers

‘Tis The Season To Celebrate With Sours! Dive into the festive spirit with this curated selection of sour beers, perfectly crafted to add a special twist to your holiday celebrations. ... [Read More]

Holiday Recipes Enhanced with Beer

Happy Holidays! Holiday Recipes Enhanced with Beer Bring something unique to the table this year with these holiday recipes that incorporate Blue Owl Brewing beer.   Jane’s Jubilant Cranberry Sauce ... [Read More]

10 Unique Candy and Beer Pairings

Happy Halloween! 10 Unique Candy and Beer Pairings! It’s almost Halloween which means those trick-or-treat bowls are about to be full to the brim with Halloween candy for the kiddos. ... [Read More]

Bob’s Fine Beers

Have you met Bob yet? Maybe you’ve noticed a smattering of “Bob’s” beers around town and wondered, “What about Bob?”  Well, a couple of years ago, we at Blue Owl Brewing decided to ... [Read More]

Stuck On Sticker Mule

It’s no secret around Blue Owl Brewing that we’re stuck on Sticker Mule! Our go-to sticker provider since 2020, Sticker Mule offers a variety of styles in stickers that keep ... [Read More]

What To Expect When You Visit

WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU VISIT BLUE OWL BREWING: Our Sour Sanctuary is a unique experience where we offer draft pours, traditional flights, and our OG tasting experience. Our bartenders ... [Read More]

Lime In The Coconut

Lime In The Coconut – Milkshake Sour Double IPA with Sweet Lime & Coconut Sour Beers Keep Surprising Us! After almost 8 years of brewing sour beers, we don’t get ... [Read More]