Dapper Dog Runway Show!

DAPPER DOG RUNWAY SHOW! Join us for some tail-waggin’ fun! On March 20th from 12pm-2pm, we’re holding a Dapper Dog Runway Show on our patio with proceeds benefitting Emancipet! Competing ... [Read More]

Stellar Haze

STELLAR HAZE – Sour Double Hazy IPA We’re back with one of our favorite combos — Hops and Sour!  You might remember our early collaboration with my previous brewhouse home ... [Read More]

What’s A Smoothie Beer?

Kokomo Royale – Tropical Fruit Smoothie Sour Ale A tropical fruit smoothie sour ale with pink guava, pineapple, Tahitian lime, cherry, Madagascar vanilla, milk sugar, & pimento berry. IBU: 15 ... [Read More]

Seltzers For Shelters

Seltzers For Shelters Help For Those Experiencing Homelessness We’re excited to announce a new program called “Seltzers For Shelters,” created to raise awareness and give aid to those experiencing homelessness ... [Read More]

SMash SMaSH Sour Tex-Aus IPA

SMash SMaSH – Sour Tex-Aus IPA. A two-part seasonal, SMash SMaSH uses one type of Australian hop and one type of Texas-grown Malt for each batch. IBU: 34 ABV: 6.7% ... [Read More]

Liquid Bake Sale

Liquid Bake Sale Sour Peach Cobbler Blue Owl is excited to be participating in the Liquid Bake Sale to help raise funds for the Texas Craft Brewers Guild. Texas Craft ... [Read More]

Drift Into Your Dreams

Drift Into Your Dreams. TANGERINA – Milkshake Sour IPA w/ Tangerine & Vanilla Drift into your dreams with this pillowy milkshake sour IPA. Tangerine and Madagascar vanilla create a sunburst ... [Read More]

Inspiration & Art Behind The Sour Beer

INSPIRATION, ART, & SOUR BEER Sure, you’ve held a Blue Owl sour beer can time and time again. Maybe you could even point one out on the store shelf from ... [Read More]

Seasonal Release: Plum de Plume

Seasonal Release: Plum de Plume Plum de Plume – Plum Jam & Orange Marmalade Sour Availability: Fall/Winter IBU: 18 ABV: 5.6% SU: 68 FLAVOR PROFILE: Refreshing and rich with jammy ... [Read More]

Tiki Hop Totem

Constructing A New Seasonal — Blue Owl Style Tiki Hop Totem – Milkshake Sour IPA w/ Pineapple & Coconut Availability: Summer This fruited milkshake sour IPA combines two sets of ... [Read More]