Tropícal Brut Passion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Sparkling Ale

Have you heard? Tropícal Brut is back for your summertime, poolside hangs! Tropícal Brut – Passion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Sparkling Ale                ... [Read More]

SMash SMaSH Sour New Zealand IPA

SMash SMaSH Sour New Zealand IPA Be Unique. Drink Unique. That’s the motto of Blue Owl and I don’t think there’s a better representation of that sentiment than this year’s ... [Read More]

It’s Bramble Time!

This SXSW, we’re having a celebration of shrubbery! As you might have noticed, here at Blue Owl, we love all things sour. There are many kinds of sourness because of ... [Read More]

A ¡Limetastico! New Seasonal

Blue Owl Brewing is excited to announce its new seasonal, ¡Limetastico!, sour Mexican lager with lime and salt. As those warmer Austin days approach, the annual search for the perfect ... [Read More]

SMash SMaSH Series

Hey everyone! We are so excited to be releasing our SMaSH SMash Series #1 on Friday, March 22! I wanted to write a blog post to talk about Smash beers, in general, ... [Read More]

Wild Boss: By The Barrel

Wild Boss: Barrel Aged Sour Session Wheat Expanding our barrel program over the last several years has opened up a whole new world of experimentation and creativity for us. We’ve ... [Read More]

Sour IPAs: A New Kind of Balance

I’ve always been of the opinion that the bulk of the credit of a good hoppy beer has to go to the hop farmer. To some degree, it’s just up ... [Read More]

Presenting Wild Animal

A Mixed-culture, Barrel-Fermented Misc. Pale Ale We’ve spent the last couple of years working to make sour beers approachable. Our sour-mashing process produces a “clean” sourness that allows the style ... [Read More]

Don’t Stop. Collaborate and Listen.

Collaborations are as much a part of craft beer as odd-shaped glasses and punny names. Projects among various brewers allow the creatives to share their ‘style’ of brewing as well as ... [Read More]

What is a Sour Unit?

Our Sour Units© (SUs) are a measure of the level of acidity (and “sourness”) in a beer. During the sour-mashing stage of our beer production, we introduce wild cultures of bacteria into ... [Read More]