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We do things differently at Blue Owl Brewing, from our beers to our taproom.
Our Sour Sanctuary is a unique experience where we offer tastings. When you visit for on-site sips, you’ll need to purchase a tasting glass. Each glass purchase includes four complimentary beers of your choice! 
Our bartenders are happy to talk about our various beer selections with you during your visit. With your glass purchase, you’ll also receive an infographic sheet about our brewing process. Similar to enjoying a flight of beer, our tasting experience is meant to help you take the time to relax and lean into the world of sours! With 16 taps, we want everyone to find a beer they absolutely enjoy and maybe a few styles they didn’t expect!
12oz. tasting glass
12oz. Tasting Glass. Includes Four Pours Of Beer!

Why glassware?

Because of neighborhood zoning restrictions, we aren’t allowed to sell beer directly for on-site consumption. Our way of doing business within the zoning restrictions is using a glassware sales model (similarly used in the past by other breweries around town facing the same restrictions). Not only does our glassware come in multiple sizes, ranging from 8oz to 16oz. but you’re purchasing the glass for keeps! These commemorative Blue Owl glasses often change in design and shape, so you know the one you getting is unique to your time here!
Since we’re selling glassware, we decided to make the experience beneficial for you, our customer(and soon-to-be friend?)! 
We offer a range of beers, from main-stays and seasonal to specialty beers like taproom exclusives, barrel-aged, one-offs that we’re testing out and looking for feedback on, and even some fancy, expensive variations.

What If I Don’t Want Four Beers Today?

16 Taps to choose from!

We understand that not everyone is looking to have four beers at one-time, so we have a few options to make your visit more your style. Feel free to split your tasting with a friend! Buy one glass and divvy up your four pours (we have extra cups on hand so everyone can have their own beer.)

Another option we offer is to finish your tasting at a later date, the infographic sheet we give you doubles as a punch card that you can redeem your pours for at any time! You can also take your remaining beers to-go in cans to enjoy elsewhere. 

Other Fun Facts:

dog on patio
Dog-Friendly Tasting Room
  • Come One, Come All! – Children are welcome at Blue Owl. We ask that they wear shoes if walking around.
  • We Love Your Pets! – Well-behaved pets are welcome inside and on our patio. Our space is cozy so please be respectful of others.
  • “What Do You Have That’s Not Sour?” – Whenever possible, we offer our newest line of gluten-free, Hard Seltzers. We also just started brewing our first non-sours! We typically have Bob’s Fine Pilsner on tap and/or a new non-sour IPA. We also offer non-alcohol drinks, Waterloo and High Brew coffee.
  • Snacks On Snacks! – While we don’t have a kitchen on-site, we do offer small snacks. Outside food is welcome and sometimes we have food vendor pop-ups. Check out our upcoming events here!

See You Soon, Friend!

At Blue Owl Brewing, sour days are the best days! We look forward to your visit and can’t wait to talk sour beer with you. Find our hours of operation & parking info here.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, schedule a private brewery tour, or inquire about a private event.

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