Bob’s Fine Beers

bob's fine beers

Have you met Bob yet?

Maybe you’ve noticed a smattering of “Bob’s” beers around town and wondered, “What about Bob?”  Well, a couple of years ago, we at Blue Owl Brewing decided to go a little crazy and make *gasp* some classic, high-quality non-sour beers…yessiree Bob!  The common thread with all the Bob’s line of non-sour beers is an appreciation for a simpler time when beers were drunk for beer-drinking sake.  It’s like when you walk into a bar, ask for “just a beer please,” and BOOM – Bob’s your uncle!  So whether your “just a beer” is a classic, solid German Pilsner, a lively-yet-drinkable juicy IPA, or a crushable light lager, well, Bob’s got you covered!
P.S. Incase you’re still wondering, Bob is an acronym for Blue Owl Brewing!

Bob’s fine PILSNER — packs clean malt flavor and a touch of noble hops into a refreshing patio gulper.

Bob’s EASTSIDE juicy IPA — say goodbye to overly sweet and wildly strong Hazy IPAs and say hello to a juicy, hoppy IPA made with Eastside Austin shenanigans in mind.

Bob’s Cold One — light rice lager briskly made. AKA, just a beer.

Also keep an eye out for some classic seasonals too like Bobtoberfest, Bob’s Great Porter, Yessiree Bob’s Kolsch, and the newly released, What About Bob’s (Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local) Amber!

Bob’s Fine Beers