Bob’s Fine Beers

bob's fine beers

Have you met Bob yet?

Maybe you’ve noticed a smattering of “Bob’s” beers around town and wondered, “What about Bob?”  Well, a couple of years ago, we at Blue Owl Brewing decided to go a little crazy and make *gasp* some classic, high-quality non-sour beers…yessiree Bob!  The common thread with all the Bob’s line of non-sour beers is an appreciation for a simpler time when beers were drunk for beer-drinking sake.  It’s like when you walk into a bar, ask for “just a beer please,” and BOOM – Bob’s your uncle!  So whether your “just a beer” is a classic, solid German Pilsner, a lively-yet-drinkable juicy IPA, or a crushable light lager, well, Bob’s got you covered!

Bob’s fine PILSNER — packs clean malt flavor and a touch of noble hops into a refreshing patio gulper.

Bob’s EASTSIDE juicy IPA — say goodbye to overly sweet and wildly strong Hazy IPAs and say hello to a juicy, hoppy IPA made with Eastside Austin shenanigans in mind.

Bob’s Cold One — light rice lager briskly made. AKA, just a beer.

Also keep an eye out for some classic seasonals too like Bobtoberfest, Bob’s Great Porter, Yessiree Bob’s Kolsch, and soon to be released, What About Bob’s Amber!

Bob’s Fine Beers