Are You From Austin?

What about Bob’s Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local Amber

Hey Locals, When Are You From Austin?

Have you ever struggled to answer when you’re asked where you are “from?” Were you born here? Have you lived here 5, 10, 20 years? Has someone boldly claimed, “You’re not from here if you weren’t born here?” So, when did you get to start saying you’re from Austin?

Is it if you’re born here? I could have been born in Austin but moved the next day to Georgia for the rest of my life…am I still “from” Austin? Maybe you moved here from California 8 years ago and you travel to Spain and someone asks where you’re from. Do you say Austin or California? What if you say you’re from Austin and someone asks if you were born there and you say “no,” you were born in Columbus, Ohio? But you only lived in Columbus for 1 day of your life…are you “from” Austin?

It’s probably fair to say there’s no true answer to these questions. Perhaps it’s less an inherent property of someone and more of something you identify with. As we at Blue Owl Brewing define who “Bob” is, we know one thing is true — these non-sour beers are designed for locals. Bob’s Amber (full name What About Bob’s Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local Amber) is an easy-drinking, balanced amber that works any day, any time, anywhere. So whether you’re from Austin or just want to say you’re a local looking for a beer…What About Bob’s?