The Gang’s Favorite Brews Of 2023

The Gang’s Favorite Brews Of 2023

Heading into 2024, it seemed like a good time to reflect and get ready for what’s to come. And, with plenty of beers to choose from between our Eastside Specialty Sours and Bob’s Fine Beers, we asked the Blue Owl gang which they enjoyed most during 2023!


Lime In The Coconut

Rich Fuchs | Brewer/Production
Favorite Beer: Lime In The Coconut
“Lime in the Coconut was definitely a favorite for me. Complex, fun, interesting, and a nice way to finish a session after a few Cold Ones. The hop profile complements its lime and coconut flavors perfectly. Great beer and I can’t wait for it to come back around!”



Saison Puede

Will Gardner | Brewer/Production
Favorite Beer: Saison Puede
“I was really excited to bring Saison Puede back after a long hiatus.  Reasonable abv, nice body, and the complex combo of pink peppercorns and lemon are all great. Great with food or on its own.”



Yessiree Bob’s Spring Kölsch

Elsie Geer | Design/Marketing
Favorite Beer:Yessiree Bob’s Spring Kölsch
“I just realized that I spent a good amount of this relentlessly hot summer swimming my way around Texas with this Kölsch in hand. Light, floral, and crisp, this beer was easy to crush and oh-so-refreshing! The empty beer cans don’t lie – this was definitely my favorite of 2023.”



Bob's Cold One
Bob’s Cold One

Danny Ochoa | Lead Brewer
Favorite Beer: Bob’s Cold One
“I’ve enjoyed brewing all of the beers from our Bob’s Fine Beers line, but none more than Bob’s Cold One. I’ve always thought that there’s beauty in simplicity, and the Cold One is just that. Beautifully simple. Our goal was to make a refreshingly crushable light lager while maintaining that craft quality. Although the recipe is simple, it was not easy to perfect. We had many test batches that came close, but at every attempt, we found that it needed a little tweaking. Through trial and error, we finally devised something that matched our expectations. I have one as my shift beer pretty much every day. It goes great with a meal or as a shotgunner with friends. Get yourself a Cold One!”


Tropícal Brut

Suzy Shaffer | Co-Owner/Business Operations
Favorite Beer: Tropícal Brut & Adjunct Professor Black
“In the summertime, my go-to was hands down Tropícal Brut. It’s such a nice dry and fruity beer that hits the spot during the many hot hot HOT months. Now that we are in the cool of winter,  my heart is with our Adjunct Professor Black. The chocolate-orange combination hits me on a nostalgic level and there is no better way to embrace these cloudy, chilly, rainy days than with a solid and interesting stout. ”


Saison Puede

Jane Taype | Taproom
Favorite Beer: Saison Puede
“Saison Puede was the most delightful beer of the year for me. Lightly tart with a touch of pink peppercorn. It was truly magical!”




Adjunct Professor Black

Vincent Taype | Taproom
Favorite Beer: Adjunct Professor Black
“I would say my FAVORITE Blue Owl beer of 2023 was Adjust Professor Black — I LOVE this beer, tart, and full-bodied and the adjuncts come together for a great body and mouthfeel while also coming in at 9% ABV. Definitely a beer I can really appreciate when it finally cools off here in Austin. Cheers!”



Sour Pickle Beer
Pickled Little Boss – Sour Pickle Beer

Vanessa Venenosa | Tasting Room Manager
Favorite Beer: Pickled Little Boss – Sour Pickle Beer
“One of my favorite beer cocktails has always been a spicy michelada, it’s the perfect go-to hangover cure and poolside bev.  ¡Limetastico! used to be my tried and true beer of choice for crafting the perfect michi, but Pickled Little Boss has been my new fav since 2022. All the flavors of a fresh pickling brine complement and complete the cocktail perfectly. It’s a surprisingly refreshing easy drinker and definitely one of the best pickle beers I’ve had.”

Psst! Download our michelada recipe card here!


Tahitian Lime Pie

Adam Vohl | Brewer/Cellar Team Lead
Favorite Beer: Tahitian Lime pie
“I enjoyed the process of brewing Tahitian Lime Pie. Had fun with graham crackers in the mash for social media (Graham’s for the gram). It is always cool to stretch the limit of what beer is and what beer can be and Tahitian lime pie exemplifies that.”



Bob’s Eastside Juicy IPA

Jeff Young | Co-Owner/Executive Brewer
Favorite Beer: Bob’s Eastside Juicy IPA
“I’ve really enjoyed designing and making Bob’s Eastside Juicy IPA.  It started with a simple need — a more drinkable hazy/juicy IPA for our romps around the Eastside.  Many different technical techniques came together to get the big pop of hoppy juiciness without sacrificing any drinkability.  A fun challenge and big reward!”





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