Sour Huckleberry Finn Beer

Sour Huckleberry Finn Beer

Availability: Winter

ABV: 4.8%
SU: 50

What is an SU? Our Sour Units© (SUs) are a measure of the level of acidity (and “sourness”) in a beer. Click here to learn more.

It’s time to fancify the Little things in life, with Fruited Little Boss.

Whatever the activity, you deserve something nice. Paddleboarding with a top hat; Eating brisket off fine china; Swimming at Barton Springs with a tiara; Two-steppin' in a tux; Frisbee golf in a gown. Or, how about the physical manifestation of fancified in a can? A little sweet-like, fruit treat with a bit of refreshing sour flavor.

We’ve dressed up our beloved Little Boss and created a new, fancy series of fruited beers. Sour Huckleberry Finn is the fifth brew from our Fruited Little Boss series. An adventurous sour brewed with huckleberry and juniper berries, it has tart berry-sweetness and a piney, herbal balance. A vision to behold and sustenance to sip your way through, Fruited Little Boss makes any situation worth fancifyin'.

Flavor profile: Berryfusion, Protagonist, Tart-Venture