It’s Bramble Time!

This SXSW, we’re having a celebration of shrubbery!

As you might have noticed, here at Blue Owl, we love all things sour. There are many kinds of sourness because of different types of acids. In our continuation to expand our sour knowledge, we have started to play around and learn more about shrubs. Shrubs explore a different kind of acid called acetic acid. Have you ever sipped a shrub? A shrub is a sweetened vinegar-based syrup used in mixing cocktails; that syrup is also known as drinking vinegar. Shrubs are often infused with fruit juice, herbs, and spices.

We’ve created a few house-made shrubs using our sour beers. The base of these beers have ingredients, specifically fruits, that add even more flavor to the drinking vinegar. Our beer shrubs are fruited, sharply sour, lightly sweet, and aged in-house. We’ll have a station for you to concoct unique tastings by mixing our house-made shrubs with our beers on draft. When adding these shrubs, the acidity brings new, fun complexity to our beers that we’re excited for you to try!

To kick off the festivities we’ll have a tasting room exclusive beer release Brambleberry, a blackberry & boysenberry sour ale on Wednesday the 11th. We’re delighted to add this new sour to the tap wall next to our Dapper Devil sour raspberry Belgian-style ale and Jubilberry cranberry, ginger, and oats sour ale.

And for those of you who are extra curious, we’ll have an interactive workshop where you’ll learn the wild ways of how to make your own homemade shrub on Friday the 13th. Tickets available here.

Swing by our Sour Sanctuary this month to escape the SXSW crowds and get lost in the shrubs with us while these small batches last!