Little Gose – Salty Dog

Please welcome Blue Owl’s newest iteration of Little Gose – Salty Dog!

Little Gose – Gose with Grapefruit & Juniper Berries
Availability: Summer

A Gose made with grapefruit & juniper, Salty Dog is our beer cocktail in a can that will have you swimming through the Texas summer nice and refreshed.

IBU: 7
ABV: 3.8%
SU: 50

FLAVOR PROFILE: Easy drinking, crisp and bright.

Intended uses: Backyard hangs and summer days on the lake.

Some words from Head Brewer Meike Rossman:

Salty Dog
Salty Dog Backyard hangs in Austin, TX

At Blue Owl we love many things: we love dogs, we love citrus, we love cocktails, and most of all… we LOVE experimenting with new sour beer flavors. For this year’s Little Gose flavor combination, we wanted to surprise and delight you, folks, by riffing off of a wonderful summer cocktail – the Salty Dog.

Salty Dogs are deliciously simple. The key ingredients are gin (or vodka…but gin, c’mon), grapefruit juice, ice, and salt for the rim of your glass. I personally love super aromatic, juniper-y, herbal gins. I find that gin enhances the complexity of the grapefruit bitterness, while salt heightens the perception of citrus sweetness encouraging all the flavors to play nicely in the glass.

So, how did we integrate a classic cocktail into our beer making?

Little Gose is our tart, crisp, sessionable, yet slightly savory offering that we dress up with fruit and herb combinations that we love. Goses are a historic style that is usually lightly tart and salty. After many years of development, we’ve found that citrus always sparkles in our Goses. There’s something about the saltiness in our sour beer that just takes oranges, limes, and now grapefruits, to the next level. This year we paired sweet Rio Red Grapefruit with over 30 pounds of crushed juniper berries to bring classic gin aromatics and cocktail character into the beer can.

I hope this beer brings low-ABV delight to your socially-distanced summer shindigs.

Little Gose
Austin, Texas day on the lake with Little Gose