Tropícal Brut Passion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Sparkling Ale

Have you heard? Tropícal Brut is back for your summertime, poolside hangs!

Tropícal Brut – Passion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Sparkling Ale                                                                              Availability: Summer

We’ve brewed a sour fruit brut with No Hops! Instead, it’s made with sparkling mineral water alongside funky and tangy tropical fruit. Water minerals, dry malt backbone, and some supporting roles of hibiscus and tart key lime give this brut a unique mouthfeel and intense tropical flavor.

IBU: 0.0
ABV: 7.0%
SU: 60

FLAVOR PROFILE: High levels of water minerals give this brut a unique mouthfeel and flavor. The addition of Passion Fruit & Guava gives it a fruity, almost mimosa-y taste.

Intended uses: poolsider-y, brunch mimosa replacer-y, and tropical island getaway-ery!

Jeff Young in Austin, TX

Some words from Executive Brewer and Co-Owner Jeff Young:

When it came to the inspiration behind Tropícal Brut, we essentially wanted to make the mimosa of beers.  That meant combining elements of champagne (dry or “brut” and effervescent) with tropical fruits.  The passion fruit gives tart and tangy character while the pink guava gives a very distinct funky tropical element.  Key lime and hibiscus are added in small amounts to give the whole flavor a brighter, more complex lift.

Hop character didn’t seem necessary in a drink like this…so we just completely left them out! However, “tropical” hops are pretty popular these days, so we cut to the chase by using actual tropical fruit.

The malt is dried out to leave the “beer” completely devoid of sweetness.  Without any bitterness and being completely dry (brut), we looked to sparkling mineral water for inspiration on how to replicate a similar character of that mouthfeel.  We increased various levels of minerals in the Austin water with commonly found salts.  That gives it a rounded feel on the tongue.  Finally, to make sure we were following the path of a mimosa, we carbonated to higher levels to give a lively effervescence to this sour beer.  The result is not exactly a beer as we know it, but something new and unique.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Tropícal Brut Passion Fruit & Pink Guava Sour Sparkling Ale. Be sure to tag us on Facebook and Instagram @blueowlbrewing in all your summer, Tropícal Brut poolside shenanigans!

tropícal brut
Tropícal Brut